Components of Kindness

As we continue The Pay It Forward Project this week. We have had lessons in the class about how being kind makes you better, lessons about how being king affects our bodies, and speaking to you children about kindness and helping them figure out  how small acts make a difference. Today I want to explore […]

5 Ways to Set Your Child up for Daily Success

We all want our children to be successful. A question I always ask myself – Are they successful in spike of me or because of me?  The best way to success is doing the right things consistently daily and creating positive spaces to learn and fail. Here are 5 tips to help you along the way. One […]

Goal Setting

HELP YOUR CHILD TO SET GOALS I read an article recently that said 92% of people don’t achieve their goals. How many of them actually learned how to set effective and realistic goals? How people many gave up when they felt no progress was being made towards that goal? For our students? Goal setting is […]


Now before anyone starts getting all fired up, let me start by saying that team sports are great. Learning how to be part of a team is a good experience for children, and they can definitely learn some valuable skills out on the court or field. But, I’m here to tell you that Taekwondo training is the best […]

The Impact of Taekwondo – One Family’s Journey

Our Taekwondo journey began in 2004. Back then,we never could have realized the impact of taking that first class. Zack and I started first. At age 9, he lacked self confidence and self-esteem. Zack didn’t have many friends and felt lonely. He felt that taking taekwondo would help dealing with his older brother, James and other people. James […]